The Treasure at Room X Escape


Played March 2017
Chicago, IL

60 minutes
4 - 8 players
$28 USD/person

Room X Escape
205 W. Randolph Street, Suite 750

RATING: 8 / 10

Best time: 32 minutes with 6 people who used 3 hints
Clues allowed: unlimited

Did we beat it? 
Yes! Just 4 of us, with 2:20 minutes to spare. Only used 1 hint!


Arrrr! Practice talking like a pirate and channel your best puzzle-solving wits to find the booty and escape The Treasure, Room X Escape's high-seas themed room. This room is a fun challenge for 4-5 advanced escapers, or 6-8 beginner or intermediate landlubbers. If you're a novice, this room is especially accessible since you're allowed unlimited clues.

You begin the game in a room with a buccaneer who has seen better days. There are maps with sailing routes and pieces of a captain's log to guide you to the first clues. Puzzles are sequential and require more deductive reasoning than typical combination and keyed locks. Discovery is very important in this portion of the game, so scavenge thoroughly to find symbols scrawled on tattered pieces of leather. There is deciphering involved in solving the first major clue and it's a challenging, yet fun one!

The best part of The Treasure is the variety of puzzles used - both riddles and word puzzles, and skills-based challenges and locks. This balance is important in a room because, whether you're good at math puzzles or army crawling, it means that you've got just as good of a shot of winning.

The game designer also did a great job of integrating thematic elements (think swords, ships wheels, and maps) into the puzzles, which immerses you in the room's story and is much more fun than only generic padlocks.

Clues were delivered on visual cards, meaning they're much less likely to be misinterpreted than riddles or verbal hints. Our game master did a nice job of keeping pace with us and helping when we asked for our one (and only!) clue. We got stuck on one easily-overlooked yet important element in the final part of the game, so we resorted to a hint. In hindsight, if we'd just paid closer attention to everything, we wouldn't have needed a clue. It's important to remind yourself that if an item is present in the room and doesn't have a 'Not a Clue' sticker on it, then it likely has a purpose.

Room X Escape had two unique elements over other rooms we've played:

  • When you find a clue, you get a numbered tag to hang on the wall. This signals to the game master which clues you've uncovered and the best way to help the group. Be sure to hang these up, they help! There are 23 total, so if you keep track, it's also a good way to know if you're uncovering essential clues and pacing as expected.
  • There's an alternate ending with extra puzzle if you happen to fail while attempting the final challenge. This is cool! If you trip up on the last puzzle, the wooden chest will slam shut and you have to solve an extra clue to unlock it and escape with the treasure.

Overall, The Treasure is a really fun game! If you're really into live action escape games, you'll appreciate the wide array of challenges this room uses. And, if you're trying an escape room for the first time, this one has enough opportunities to seek help that you'll feel challenged and accomplished at the end of it. This is a really balanced room and, only on the scene for 8 months so far, we're excited to see Room X Escape flourish in downtown Chicago.

Local tip: there's a garage in the building and they validate for discounted parking. This is hugely helpful since parking in the Loop can be nightmarish.

-- Melissa