Mission: Mars at The Escape Game Chicago


Played March 2017
Chicago, IL

60 minutes
2-8 players
$39.99 USD/person

The Escape Game Chicago
42 E. Ontario Street

RATING: 8 / 10

Best time: 40:32 minutes as of 4/2/17
Escape rate: They did not have a percentage but rate this a 8/10 difficulty
Clues allowed: 3

Did we beat it?  Yes!


Like the beginning of any good space move you land on another planet. Everything seems to be going great. Then, just like any good space movie, something goes terribly wrong! You have successfully made it to Mars on an exploration mission but your spaceship has severe damage from the landing. To make things worse there is a large amount of cosmic radiation headed right for you on Mars. This will damage your ship further and will make it impossible to get back home. You have 60 minutes to get all systems repaired and to launch your craft!

For those of you that have played The Escape Game at any of their locations know their rooms do not disappoint! If you love the idea of traveling to other worlds and see what happens beyond Earth, this room is right up your alley. Now you won't have the chance to see what goes on outside on the surface of Mars, but you sure will feel like you are in a space craft.

The time and obvious thought put into this design was obvious when stepping into the first portion of the room. I was reminded of every scene from any movie having to do with astronauts when we began in a small enclosed area. There wasn't much room to move around, which is probably why eight players is the limit here. The clues are definitely lateral but there are multiple things that can be done at one time. Split up and see what you can work out but be sure to communicate with your entire group. 

Once you have broken out of this area the real fun begins. Now you must repair each of the three key elements you need to make your way back home. You must repair the Oxygen, Power, and Communications. Sounds pretty straight forward? This is where teamwork becomes vital to your survival. the lay out of this room made me feel like I was in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. (With Captain Jean-Luc Picard....obviously) The lights, the sounds, and atmosphere will make you feel like you really are in fact in danger. 

This room has a lot going on at one time but you will find it is still in fact lateral. The layers of the room could throw you off so be aware! They also add to the challenge of the room. It might be important to add that if you are in the slightest claustrophobic...one of these clues is not for you. However, you will need to get your vital elements up and working before you can even attempt to leave the red planet. Which means you have to do what you need to in order to survive! 

Overall this room was extremely enjoyable and challenging. I would recommend this for intermediate escapers. We look forward to trying all the rooms at The Escape Game: Chicago. The Chicago Location has four different rooms to play. They also have locations all over the country in Nashville, Austin, Dallas, Orlando, Pigeon Forge, and Minneapolis. 

Local tip: Book another room immediately after you play to get a free t-shirt!

-- Jaci