Shadow of a Doubt at Crisis Rooms


Played April 2017
Frankfort, IL

60 minutes
Up to 8 players
$28 USD/person

Crisis Rooms
20861 S. LaGrange

RATING: 5 / 10

Best time: ours! 28 minutes
Escape rate: 50% (This room has been open for a short period of time and they are currently figuring how to create the escape rate as two rooms are playing at once)
Clues allowed: 4

Did we beat it?  Yes! 4 minutes faster than prior best


When a high-profile attorney's office was hired to represent a celebrity in a murder trial, the media coverage went wild and the trial became a spectacle. Allegations of wrongdoings by the police were countered by allegations of wrongdoings by the attorneys. You are a special investigator for the State Police of Illinois. Armed with a search warrant, you enter the law offices of Wright and Wong Attorneys at Law. The warrant only gives you 60 minutes in the office , and the attorneys have a lot to hide. What will you find?

My favorite part about this room is that is was a Challenge Room. This room was a concept that I had heard of but haven't had the chance to do yet. What does that mean? Your group is split into two and sent into two identical rooms. The two rooms then go head to head to find the murder weapon and be the first team to make it out of the room. As someone who is already competitive as it is this really turned up the heat.

Each team is allowed 3 clues that will appear on a television screen in the room. Here is the catch though...each team can see the other's clues. Which means if you ask for a clue you could potentially be helping the enemy!

The room itself is your typical office with minimal props and decorations. As we advanced through the room we found a lot of the clues to be very physical. It has one of the unique clues I have seen before. Without giving too much away let’s just say you have to pay close attention toeverything in the room…even things that may be alive.

There was a variety of different kind of clues and puzzles in this room. However, the majority of clues could not be done independently. Working as a team on this one is important in this room as the real key to success is communication. One clue will only be used once and from what we could tell there were not red herrings. Be careful to make sure you know what you have used and what you have not. 

The theme was different from your standard murder mystery. You know who the murderer is but you have to be able to prove it. The objective is to find the murder weapon to serve justice to the victim and prove their client is guilty. 

The room overall was enjoyable and perfect for beginners. If you are looking for a room with a more competitive twist this is it. For more experienced escapers this room may serve to be less challenging but you can try to beat our record with no clues!

Local tip:  There are not many food or drink options in the area as this is located in a strip mall. Plan to do the room first and then head to downtown Frankfort for fun after the room!

-- Jaci