The Vault at Great Escape Dayton


Played August 2016
Dayton, OH

60 minutes

1-8 players
$26 USD/person

Great Escape Dayton
2332 Grange Hall Road, Beavercreek, OH

RATING: 7 / 10

Escape rate: 25%
Clues allowed: 3
Did we beat it? Yes! 53:38 minutes


Heists will always be one of my favorite themes to play. Who doesn't love to feel like they're in an action movie? In this room you will race against the clock while your adrenaline pumps at the thought of getting caught at any moment. Will you collect all of the loot and get out? We did!

This room is Great Escape Dayton's "beginner room" but don't let that fool you. This room is a great room to start with for a new escaper but mid to advanced players will need to pay close attention!

You're brought into a dark room armed with a walkie talkie to communicate with your game master. The only light you will find is from the security cameras in the corner of the room. Once you get the lights on you notice different things throughout the room. A full size in the room which really made the room come to life. The owners even leave a special piece of themselves in the room!

The attention to detail in this room is impressive. It is important to have great communication and to take your time while searching for and looking at the clues you find. Not all the clues are sequential which was great for our group of 6. It gave us the ability to each work on something different instead of all working on one clue together.

Mike, one of the owners, spent a lot of time talking to us about how he got into the business and his passion for escape rooms. He truly found his calling at Great Escape. The time he put into the construction of each of his rooms, a total of four, gets better and better the more you do. The Vault was their first room. It would be neat to see them update the room if they ever move locations to add onto it, maybe even with multiple rooms, to add to the experience.

Overall this room was well constructed, fun, and really makes you think while you second guess yourself on each clue. The puzzles were well thought out and challenging for all levels of players.

We can't wait to check out the other two rooms available!

-Insider tip: if you write them a Google review, they'll give you a t-shirt on the spot.

-- Jaci