What is this thing? And how are ratings calculated?

Thanks for stopping by, we're excited to share our passion for escape rooms with you! 

First things first though...


An escape room is an adventure game where participants are locked in a room and have a time limit to get out. In order to free themselves from the room they must find clues, solve puzzles, answer riddles, and find their way out. Every room is different and there are now many companies popping up everywhere with different ideas, themes and challenges. 


After falling in love with the game and consistently trying to convince family and friends to join us  we wanted to go even further. We decided to start a blog based on our experiences and share where the best places to experience and escape room are. Our intent is the find the best escape rooms, review them, and help you find the best one for you and your skill level!


We focus on five major categories and calculate each room's overall rating using a 10-point scoring system. Those scores are averaged across the categories and rounded to the nearest half to produce an overall score.


This category covers the most important factors for an escape experience. We consider how interesting a room's theme is and if the story ties to the puzzles. We give higher scores for things that make an escape experience fun, like the ability to advance through multiple rooms; technology or A/V use; unusual characters and other unexpected elements.


We look for appropriately challenging puzzles and thoughtful riddles. The flow of the room, whether clues are sequential or can be worked on in tandem, should feel intentional with no dead ends. Problems should require more thought than just collecting clues or numerical codes. We'll be sure to note in our review if a room is best for new or expereienced escapers.


We look for a good balance of puzzles and skills-based challenges, and a variety of lock types. Rooms earn higher ratings for effective application of technology, or unconventional uses of lasers, fans, water, light and other elements.

Game Master

Since the game master is such a critical part of the overall experience, we include this as it's own category. We pay special attention to whether he/she provides helpful clues that steer the game. A good game master assists when asked but doesn't give away the answer easily.


We rate the overall construction of the room and puzzles, paying attention to whether they are clean and polished; or amateur and worn. Things don't necessarily have to be pricey if they are well-maintained and creative. And, since rooms are becoming more elaborate, we also pay attention to how clues are delivered - audio or visual, digitally, or scrawling on scraps of paper.

That's it!

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