How are ratings calculated?

We use a 5-point rating system across five areas - entertainment, difficulty, uniqueness, game master, and quality. The total points for each category are added, averaged, and then rounded to the nearest half to produce a room's overall score. Click here to see how we evaluate a room for each of the five categories.

Who are these ladies?


Meet Melissa

Melissa's love for escape rooms began in the fall of 2015 when she and her team visited The Room in Lisle, IL for a team building event. Naturally, anyone who didn't beat the room was immediately fired. Since that day, she's developed what some call an "excessive" preoccupation with escape rooms. This review site is her way of channeling her fervor for live adventure games (and keen ability to pass judgment) for the benefit of all mankind.



Jaci did her first escape room in New York City in the fall of 2014 while visiting some friends. Her friends thought they were really funny as the theme was "locked in a theatre by puppets." (Jaci has an irrational *TOTALLY RATIONAL* fear of marionette puppets.) She has done 27 rooms since with a success rate of 89%. Why do you need to know that? She likes winning and the best part of winning is letting everyone know about it. Also, Jaci is humble. She's excited to share her favorite hobby!

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